Definitions – In these Media Rules, unless the context otherwise requires

1. Act” means the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956 (No 23 of 1956) and the Madhya Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1961 (No. 37 of 1961);
2. Advertisement” means any representation by a word or abbreviation thereof, letter, logo, symbol, sign, figure, painting, drawing or other pictorial representation, light, sound , etc., visible and/or audible to public from any place on land, building, airspace and water and/or visible from Public Place or Public Street including display on outdoor media devices (OMD) in the Control Area.
3. Advertising” means the act or process of displaying an Advertisement;
4. Agency” means an applicant who may be an individual registered charitable organisation, firm, partnership, or a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956/2013 etc;
5. Approved” means approved in writing by the Competent Authority having jurisdiction under these Rules;
6. Appeal Committee” means a Committee appointed under Section 403 of Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956 (No 23 of 1956) or Section 307 of the Madhya Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1961 (No. 37 of 1961);
7. Billboard/Hoarding” means an Outdoor Media Device with space for advertising in the form of an advertisement panel and where such panel is mounted with its foundation on any structure either on ground or building.
8. Building Line” means the line up to which the plinth of a building may lawfully extend on the side, which abuts the street or an extension of a street or a strip of land ear-marked or reserved for future construction of street and such line has been so prescribed in the approved plan or co-ordination plan or the scheme by the Government Authority having jurisdiction;
9. Carriageway” means the width of the road where vehicles are free to move without any obstruction. Carriageway can be further classified as single or dual carriageway.
10. Competent Authority” means any officer authorised by the Municipal Authority to implement and enforce the provisions set out in these Rules;
11. Municipal Area means the geographic area including airspace in the jurisdiction of the Municipal Area as defined under Sub Section (2) of Section 7 of Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956 and Section 5 of Madhya Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1961.
12. Display” means the display of an Advertisement;
13. Election” means a national, state, local government election and by-election held under the superintendence and control of Election Commission of India/State Election Commission;
14. Gantry” means a structure erected across a road and usually fabricated by metal etc. section pillars fixed on either side of a road with a beam shaped section connecting the top of the pillars across the road with the advertisement on the face opposite to the direction of traffic.
15. Indian Road Congress (IRC)” means the applicable Indian Road Congress codes and any regulations made there under;
16. Interested Party” means any person / agency who has in terms of these Media Rules submitted an application or submitted comments or an objection or made representations in respect of any such application;
17. Intersection/Junction” means an area embraced within the prolongation of the lateral boundary lines of two or more public streets, open to vehicular traffic, that join one another at any angle, whether or not one such public road crosses the other;
18. LED/ Electronic Hoarding” means an outdoor media device, with display made from LED or LCD or any other source, to display running text, displays and informational messages from computer programs and software or any other means
19. Mobile Display Advertisement” means a double or single sided Outdoor Media Device or panel mounted on or behind a vehicle in a manner that it can be driven around or parked at strategic locations for a better display of the advertisement.
20. Municipal Authority” means the concerned Commissioner/Chief Municipal Officer or any other entity notified by the State Government for implementation of these Rules.
21. National Building Code (NBC) of India” means the latest National Building Code of India, and any regulations made there under;
22. Outdoor Advertising” is advertising that reaches the consumers while they are outside their homes.
23. Outdoor Media Device” or “OMD” means a devise as set out in Rule 5.
24. Owner” means legal owner of the Private Property;
25. Property” means any unit of private or public land, water, air space including a Public Place which is registered/documented as a separate entity/ID and also includes such spaces which are categorised as land, water and airspace or any Public Place;
26. Public Place” means a space, which is open to the use or enjoyment of the public, whether such space is vested in the Municipal Authority or not;
27. Public Street” means a road, street or thorough fare or other Right of Way to which the public has a right of access or which is commonly used by the public and includes any portion of a Right of Way of public street including a footpath;
28. Right of Way or RoW” means the full width of a Public Street between Building Lines across such Public Street including the median, carriageway, service road, shoulder and footpath/ sidewalk and the air space above it;
29. Road Traffic Sign” means any road traffic sign and traffic signal as contemplated in the IRC or any applicable Act/Rules;
30. Self Advertising” means a name board whether illuminated or non-illuminated displaying only the name, address and details of any own commercial business or social activity that is being carried out in the same premises or on the shop as the case may be.
31. Street Furniture Advertisement” means an Advertisement Displayed on any public facility or structure which is not primarily intended for Advertising and includes a seating bench, plant box, footpath litter bin, pole-mounted litter bin, public transport shelter, sidewalk clock, suburban name device and a street name, drinking fountain, bollards, traffic barriers, etc. of appropriate size and shape serving the functional requirement of such street furniture with advertisement either directly pasted/affixed or in the form of a panel or painted or written or displayed in any other manner.
32. Structural Engineer” means a person with Post Graduate Degree in Structural Engineering from duly recognised Institute/University and Registered / empanelled with Municipal Authority;
33. Structural Stability Certificate” means a certificate about structural safety and stability issued by a Structural Engineer;
34. Schedule” means Schedule appended to these Rules;
35. Temporary Advertisement” means an advertisement/Outdoor Media Device displayed for a maximum period of 30 days for any forthcoming event including entertainment events, festivals, mela, trade fair, conferences, road shows etc.
36. Urban Design” means the actions of conceiving and managing the special and aesthetic characteristics of urban space between and around buildings, public places including physical elements that make up the streetscape and the combined visual effect of building facades and other structures
37. Vehicle” includes a bicycle, tricycle, motor car and every wheeled movable conveyance which is used or capable of being used in a public street;
38. Wall Painting Advertisement” means an advertisement displayed by painting/writing it directly on the wall or structure of a building or any civil structure.
39. Wall Wraps” means advertisement painted / pasted / affixed on surface of the walls of a building, which has been used as architectural feature to cover/form facade/, used as wall of a building.