Advertisement License Fees & Charges

Advertisement License Fees(Rule 11)
As per the provision of Section 132,133 of Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956 and Section 129 of Madhya Pradesh Municipality Act, 1961, Municipal Authority have been empowered to impose Taxes and Fees. –

1. The Advertisement License Fees including revenue share shall be payable by the Owner / Agency who has been permitted/awarded the contract in terms of the Schedule IV of these Rules in advance on a quarterly basis or as per provision of the contract decided by the Competent Authority.
2. No new Advertisement shall be allowed to Display unless the Advertisement License Fees in advance as per condition of approval is deposited with the Competent Authority.
3. In addition to the license fee, the registered entity shall deposit bank guarantee as a performance guarantee of an amount equivalent to the quarterly license fee payable to the Competent Authority or as per provision of the contract decided by the Competent Authority in advance valid for entire licence period.
4. Any person dissatisfied with the order passed by the Competent Authority under these Rules may appeal to the “Appeal Committee” appointed by the Municipal Authority and decision of the committee shall be final provided that no appeal shall be valid unless the amount of the tax and / or fee payable has been deposited.